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Year Zero

Jun 27, 2022

Buck joined me to discuss Nihilism by Fr Seraphim Rose. Nihilism is an interesting critique of liberalism that walks through the stages of societal degradation. Fr Seraphim determines that the replacement of an objective truth with relative truth sends the world into a chaotic state of nothingness.

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Jun 21, 2022

Monica Perez joined me for an in depth conversation on culture, religion, ESG, WEF, the future, and how the 21st Century is different than the 20th Century.

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Libertarian Institute

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Autonomy Course

Critical Thinking Course



Jun 15, 2022

I had Legalman and Patrick join me to discuss the current issues surrounding the legal field. We discuss the Sussman trial, common misconceptions, and how one should engage if forced to.

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The Quash

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Libertarian Institute

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Autonomy Course


Jun 4, 2022

Adam Fitzgerald joined me to discuss the less talked about aspects of 9/11. We spent most of our time discussing the characters involved and around the event. We could have gone for hours on this subject, but as you will hear, I hit a wall at the 2 hour mark. 

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The Darkened Hour