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Year Zero

Oct 26, 2019

In episode 74 Tommy looks at the idea of a good and bad side to political theater. After Kennedy was assasinated Sam Giancana is credited as saying, "This proves, without a doubt, there are no white hats or black hats. It's all a game, and it always ends the same - death."

Oct 19, 2019

Tulsi.... If she were any more of a disappointment I'd have to call her son.

Oct 15, 2019

In Episode 72 Tommy takes a deep dive into the modern politic of America. The conservative elements of society have coopted the term red pill in an effort to propagandize the public into their idea of order and justice while coopting the progressive idea that government is all powerful, giving people access to...

Oct 10, 2019

In Episode 71 Tommy digs into the political reactionaries of the left and right. As new problems pop up in society neither Conservatives or Progressives interest themselves with causes. The typical response from both groups is to beg the state for solutions with no reflection of how this reaction has failed in the past.

Oct 3, 2019

In Episode 70 Tommy once again looks at the Ukrainian story. Given all the crimes the US has committed, and the treatment of whistleblowers what makes this different? Quid pro quo? Or business interests?