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Year Zero

Apr 29, 2021

I decided to do a follow up to the podcast I did with Pete in which I walk you through the notes that I have taken on the subject of The Fourth Industrial Revolution.



Apr 26, 2021

The Huntsman joined Tommy to discuss the supply chain, shortages, and logistics in order to better inform the public as to why they are experiencing more scarcity and higher prices.


The Huntsman on Twitter

Apr 22, 2021

Tommy asked John Odermatt to join him to discuss his transition from Felony Friday to Finding Freedom. They cover criminal justice, FBI, CIA, and have a great all around conversation.

Lions of Liberty

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JB Wilmatt Properties

Apr 19, 2021

Tommy invited Mike Maharrey on to discuss the federal reserve and how it's used to enslave the masses.

Schiff Gold

Tenth Amendment Center


Mises Institute


Apr 15, 2021

Tommy asked David Thibodeau to join him and discuss the siege of 1993 that left dozens of women and children dead.