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Year Zero

Feb 25, 2021

Coop joins Tommy to continue the series on Philosophy versus Ideology. In this episode they go over how conceptualism forces the believers in the concepts to operate as if in a cult.


Feb 18, 2021

Car from Timeline Earth joined Tommy to discuss Bitcoin and the future of separation of currency and state. After Elon Musk and Tesla announced they will be accepting Bitcoin for purchases the price skyrocketed. Is this the peak? or just the beginning?

The Signal; Bitcoin Episode

Timeline Earth

Feb 11, 2021

Tommy invited Pete to discuss his strategies moving forward in combatting the propaganda and demonization coming from the cathedral since Trump losing the election.

Free Man Beyond The Wall

Pete's Substack

The Monopoly On Violence

Feb 8, 2021

Tommy invited Scott on to discuss the policies of the Biden administration in regards to Iran and the rumors surrounding Iran's nuclear capabilities and ambitions.

Buy Enough Already


Feb 3, 2021

Erik Sawyer, formerly of the Revolution Report, joined Tommy to discuss current events, culture, and the Libertarian Party. They cover r/wallstreetbets, Doug Mackey, identity politics, the multi-front war against the cathedral, and how the culture of the LP has been infiltrated by democrats.