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Year Zero

Apr 25, 2022

Dave DeCamp joined me to discuss the American reaction to the war in Ukraine. We discuss how the sanctions and information war seem to be targeting Americans rather than the Russian politicians. Is the Biden Administration utilizing propaganda to manufacture consent to enter the war?

Dave twitter


Apr 20, 2022

I joined Caleb Brown, Jon Hartmann, and Caleb Salmon on Faith, Liberty, and Praxis to discuss the book The Undiscovered Self by Carl Jung. This is a great book to dig into, and I think everyone will get something out of this discussion.

Faith, Liberty, and Praxis


Libertarian Institute

19 Skills Pdf

Apr 8, 2022

Tyler Janke, a family law attorney and host of Libertarian Pod Review, joined me to discuss family law, personal experiences with the courts, the culture around family, and our solutions.

Early on in the conversation we had some connection issues, but we got them smoothed out and had a great conversation.


Apr 2, 2022

Michael Rectenwald joined me once again. Today we discuss ESG, rising gas prices, cartelization, globalization, the New World Order, and Alexander Dugin.

Michael Rectenwald

Globalism speech (36:06 min mark)

Why A War Will Be Good For Russia, Alexander Dugin

The Final Kingdom

HG Wells Nonfiction Trilogy Vol I

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